Florence Rémy-El Boustani

Equipe MAOS
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Maître de conférence UPS
Team : PROS (Perception and Recognition of Objects and Scenes)


I am interested in studying changes in visual learning and recognition of natural stimuli throughout aging. These changes may impact daily visual processing of the surrounding environment in elderly people. The following questions are investigated in particular : How are novel environmental stimuli (natural objects or scenes) encoded late in life, and how does visual recognition of these stimuli depend on age of encoding ? Does semantic or emotional processing differ when objects/scenes are encoded early or late during life, and how does this affect recognition performance ? We use color photographs of objects or scenes as ecological stimuli, and methods such as psychophysics and brain imaging with functional MRI, to investigate these different questions.


(complete publications list here)

⦁ Rémy, F., N. Vayssière, L. Saint-Aubert, E. Barbeau and J. Pariente (2015) White matter disruption at the prodromal stage of Alzheimer’s disease : relationships with hippocampal atrophy and episodic memory performance. Neuroimage Clinical 7 482-492
⦁ Rémy, F., N. Vayssière, D. Pins, M. Boucart and M. Fabre-Thorpe (2014) Incongruent object/context relationships in visual scenes : where are they processed in the brain ?. Brain and Cognition 84 (1) 34-43
⦁ Rémy, F., L. Saint-Aubert, N. Bacon-Macé, N. Vayssière, E. J. Barbeau and M. Fabre-Thorpe (2013) Object recognition in congruent and incongruent natural scenes : a life-span study. Vision Research 91 36-44
⦁ Reddy, L., F. Rémy, N. Vayssière and R. Vanrullen (2011) Neural correlates of the continuous Wagon Wheel Illusion : A functional MRI study. Human Brain Mapping 32 (2) 163-170
⦁ Rémy, F., N. Wenderoth, K. Lipkens and S. P. Swinnen (2010) Dual-task interference during initial learning of a new motor task results from competition for the same brain areas. Neuropsychologia 48 (9) 2517-2527