Jean-Baptiste Durand

Equipe ECO-3D
Tél : 05 62 74 45 44

Chargé de Recherche CNRS
Tel : (+33)(0)5-62-74-45-46
Team : Espace et contexte 3D (ECO-3D)


I am a neurobiologist, working in the CerCo (Research Center for Brain and Cognition) since October 2010. I investigate the visual system, in both human and non-human primates. Specifically, I am interested in the mechanisms by which the brain constructs representations of the three-dimensional environment from the two-dimensional images impinging the retinas.


My research is based on a comparative human / monkey approach and relies on complementary technics : psychophysics, functional imaging (fMRI) and electrophysiology, whose combination allows linking visual perception to the underlying cortical networks and neural mechanisms.


(complete publications list here)
Bogdanova, O.V., V. B. Bogdanov, J. B. Durand, Y. Trotter Y and B. R. Cottereau (2020) : Dynamics of the straight‑ahead preference in human visual cortex. Brain Structure and Function (225):173-186.      

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