UMR 5549


The Brain and Cognition Research Center (CerCo) is a joint CNRS/Paul Sabatier University unit (Toulouse III) and is part of the Institut des Sciences de la Cognition, du Cerveau et du Cortement de Toulouse. The scientific objectives of the CerCo focus on the study of different sensory modalities and their integration, cognitive functions such as memory, object recognition but also consciousness and mental states.

Workshop MicMac

The second MicMac workshop on the use of microelectrodes in the study of epilepsy and human cognition was held at the Pavillon Baudot on March 9 and 10, 2023. Organized by Emmanuel Barbeau, Jonathan Curot, Leila Reddy and Luc Valton from CerCo, this meeting welcomed about sixty people from all over France, both on site and in remote mode.