PresAge – (Predictive Markers in Ageing and Neurodegeneration)

Head: Florence Rémy-El Boustani

The PresAge team aims at determining lifelong morphological and functional biomarkers that characterize and predict cerebral and cognitive ageing, and pathological stages of neurodegenerative diseases. Our projects are based on two primate models of brain ageing: marmoset monkey (Callithrix jacchus) and human. The brain biomarkers we investigate are mostly derived from multi-modal MRI imaging, including grey and white matter volumes, myelin content, flow characteristics in blood and CSF compartments, neuromodulation (tonic and phasic). We are also interested in physiological (pupil response, cardiac parameters) and cognitive (targeted memory tests) markers of brain ageing, as well as in neuroinflammation processes. We use longitudinal approaches whenever possible, spanning from young to late adulthood in some projects. We also develop innovative biomarkers’ analysis and processing methods, such as super-resolution techniques and machine learning using neural networks.

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Cerebral and cognitive ageing, life-span changes, multi-modal MRI, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Primate models

Current collaborative research projects

  • Age-related cerebral markers in the marmoset monkey; Numerical models of the cranio-spinal system (blood and CSF)


Pascal Girard                    Laurent Risser, JP Raymond*, Michel Fournié*                 Marcello Rosa                                 Franck Desmoulin*                                                                       

Stéphanie Salmon*                         Patricia Cathalifaud*, Moktar Zagzoule*             Nicolas Passat*                                 Olivier Baledent*

(* projet Hanuman)

  • Chronology for changes in cerebral organisation of fossile hominines from comparative studies (human and non-human primates)


Collaboration :                        Amélie Beaudet

  • Biomarkers of the locus coeruleus nucleus for prediction of cognitive ageing trajectories and for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease

Collaborations :


Pierre Payoux, Anne-Sophie Salabert                     Sophie Guyonnet, Julien Delrieu                    Muriel Panouillères                            Lisa Quillion-Dupré

  • Processing of MR images from therapeutic trials using neural networks

Collaborations :


Stéphane Puechmorel, Florence Nicol                                                    Pierre Maréchal

  • Anti-inflammatory function of phosphatase alcaline : metabolic study and analysis of ATP levels (neuroinflammation) and ROS levels (oxydative stress)

Collaborations :


Lionel Nowak                         Fabrice Collin, Véronique Gilard,                                    Robert Mauricot                                       David Magne, Anne Boulay

Stéphane Balayssac, Chantal Galaup

  • Implicit learning in ageing : relevance of fast-mapping paradigm

Collaboration :                            Agnès Daurat


Permanent Team Members

Isabelle BERRY (Professor, Faculty of Medicine)
Caroline FONTA (Director of Research, CNRS)
Muriel MESCAM (Associate Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
Florence REMY-EL BOUSTANI (Associate Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)


Post-Doctorate and Doctorate members


Gwenaelle SIDORSKI

Financial support



Recent most significant publications

Gleizes M, Fonta C*, Nowak L*. (2021) Inhibition of ectonucleotidases has paradoxical effects on synaptic transmission in the mouse cortex. J Neurochem doi: 10.1111/jnc.15558.

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Causse, M., Lepron, E., Mandrick, K.,Peysakhovich, V., Berry, I., Callan, D., & Rémy, F. (2021) Facing successfully high mental workload and stressors: An fMRI study. Human Brain Mapping,1–21.

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Causse M, Chua Z, Rémy F (2019) Influences of age, mental workload, and flight experience on cognitive performance and prefrontal activity in private pilots : a fNIRS study. Sci Rep 9 :7688.