SV3M – Spatial Vision in Man, Monkey & Machine

Head: Benoit COTTEREAU & Jean-Baptiste DURAND

The SV3M team brings together researchers and clinicians with complementary expertise who aim at better understanding the neural and cognitive mechanisms underlying spatial vision. Together, they have developed an innovative approach which is resolutely multi-model (healthy humans, patients, monkey and machine) and trans-disciplinary (behaviour, eye tracking, electroencephalography, cortical stimulation, functional imaging in human and non-human primates, modelling). The team’s current project explores spatial vision under naturalistic conditions, focusing on its roles in navigation (axe I), on the mechanisms by which it acquires selectivity, expertise and plasticity (axe II) and on its interactions with other cognitive functions (axe III). Additionally, these three axes feed a fourth axis of translational research with strong anchors in both clinical and technological domains.

Research Topics
I. SVN: Spatial Vision and Navigation (motion processing in realistic and dynamic environment, multi-sensory integration in realistic and dynamic environment)
2. CMSV: Computational Models of Spatial Vision (modelling selectivity and expertise in spatial vision, modelling plasticity in spatial vision)
3. SVC: Spatial Vision and Cognition (spatial & social cognition, spatial vision & culture)
4. SVTR: Spatial Vision for Translational Research (technological applications, clinical applications)

Benoit COTTEREAU (DR CNRS) – co-director
Jean-Baptiste DURAND (CR CNRS) – co-director
• Franck-Emmanuel ROUX (PUPH – Neurosurgeon)
• Vincent SOLER (PUPH – Ophtalmologist)

PhD Students

  • Onur ATES
  • Elise Abou MIRAD
  • Geoffroy KEIME
  • Marie-Alphée LAURENT
  • Solène LEBLOND
  • Xuining LI
  • Sarah MARCHAND
  • Célia MICHAUD
  • Ulysse RANCON

Representative publications

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