MRI Platform

The CerCo has direct access to the technical platform of the Institute of Neurosciences at the BAUDOT Pavilion. This platform is equipped with a Philips 3T MRI dedicated to research activities in Neuroscience. This MRI has been operational since June 2010. Various stimulation equipment is installed (video projector, screen, response box, communication headset, physiological data sensor, etc.) as well as eye tracking equipment (Eye tracker ASL 6000). In August 2016, the Philips Achieva 3T IRM was converted to a dStream version. The dStream architecture converts the traditional Achieva analog system into a digital broadband system that provides an increased signal-to-noise ratio and greater efficiency. This conversion includes DirectDigital RF reception technology that samples the MR signal directly into the RF antenna placed on the patient. The IRM in this version is also equipped with the MultiTransmit 4D system (using 2 RF sources) to optimize the uniformity of image and signal contrast. The system remains equipped with 2 gradient systems that can be combined in series or in parallel, allowing slopes of 40 mT/ m with switching speeds of 200 T/m/s or slopes of 80 mT/m at a switching speed of 100 T/m/s. In addition, since February 2018, the team has also been equipped with the MULTIBAND system, which allows simultaneous excitation of several cuts for EPI and DTI acquisitions, thus saving time. The main role of research engineers within this platform is to support researchers in the implementation of their protocol:

    MRI sequence optimization

    installation of the necessary equipment for functional imaging examinations

    assistance with image retrieval and processing

The technical platform is open to all Institute staff and a technical team of 5 people brings its expertise to the use of MRI.